About Us

Since 2000, Pharmasoy has been helping menopausal women live their best life by providing the most natural and high-quality health supplements that relieve frustrating menopausal symptoms.

Pharmasoy aims to deliver alternative solutions to synthetic hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women, after reports suggested that HRT may increase the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. A natural, organic yet effective solution was required and hence Pharmasoy was born. 

Prior to 2020, Pharmasoy was only available through a strong and established network of medical doctors to provide ensure that its end users would receive the best care and support throughout their menopause transition.

Since the onset of covid-19, Pharmasoy has decided to widen its distribution to make Pharmasoy available to women around the world who are dealing with the frustrations of menopause during times of isolation and social distancing.

We hope that Pharmasoy can help women globally to live their best lives and reach their full potential. Join us in empowering women around the world to combat the frustrations of menopause and live life to the fullest!