Understand Menopause and Get Yourself the Best Natural Menopause Relief Health Supplements

Understand Menopause and Get Yourself the Best Natural Menopause Relief Health Supplements



To combat menopause symptoms, first we need to understand what menopause is all about.


What is Menopause? How long do the symptoms last?



Menopause is the period marking the end of a woman’s menstruation. It generally occurs in women at the ages between their 40s to 50s. A woman is considered to have officially entered menopause when she goes twelve months without any menstrual periods.

更年期是女性月經結束的時期。它通常發生在女性 40 到 50 幾歲之間。當女性十二個月沒有任何月經時,她被視為正式進入更年期。

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Just like how puberty occurs in teenagers, menopause is a naturally-occurring biological process that brings about a range of significant physical and emotional changes in menopausal women. Learning and understanding about menopause is therefore crucial to helping women, their family and friends go through the transition.



Menopause can also cause an imbalance in the emotional well-being of a female.


 Pharmasoy menopause can lead to frustrating symptoms 更年期女人

Menopausal symptoms typically last for about 4 years after a woman’s last period, however the actual symptomatic period differs from woman to woman, with some experiencing menopausal symptoms to up to 12 years. Other factors can also affect the severity of menopause symptoms, such as whether a woman has gone through cancer treatment.

更年期症狀通常在女性最後一次月經後持續約 4 年,但實際經歷更年期症狀因女性而異,有些人甚至會出現長達 12 年的更年期症狀。 其他因素也可能影響更年期症狀的嚴重程度,例如女性是否接受過癌症治療。

 To overcome these problems and to make menopause a more positive experience, women are generally advised to take the best menopause relief supplements available in the market. Pharmasoy is one of the best menopausal supplements you can order online that is 100% natural.

為了克服這些問題並更舒服地渡過更年期,建議女性服用市場上最好的更年期健康食品。 Pharmasoy 是您可以網上訂購的最佳更年期健康食品之一。

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What are some of the symptoms of menopause?



Different women show different signs and symptoms during menopause.



A woman is likely to experience irregularity in her periods before they actually end. Signs of menopause that menopausal women are likely to encounter are:



  1. Dryness in the vagina.陰道乾燥
  1. Chills and night sweats.發冷和夜寒
  1. Sleeping difficulty.睡眠困難
  1. Slower metabolism which can result in weight gain.新陳代謝變慢,可能導致體重增加。
  1. Dry skin and thinning of hair.皮膚乾燥、頭髮稀疏。
  1. Loss of fullness in the breasts.乳房失去豐滿感
  1. Hot flashes that often accompany irregular periods.經常伴隨不規則時期的潮熱


What are the different causes of menopause?



  1. Natural declination in the reproductive hormones- generally speaking, when women reach their 30’s, their ovaries start to produce less progesterone and estrogen, resulting in fertility decline. In their 40’s, the menstrual cycles begin to become irregular with heavy or light bleedings, while in their 50’s the ovaries stop producing eggs in total. However, the actual age of onset of menopause can vary from woman to woman.

生殖激素自然下降——一般來說,女性到了30多歲,卵巢開始產生較少的孕激素和雌激素,導致生育能力下降。在 40 多歲時,月經週期開始變得不規則,出現大量或少量出血,而在 50 多歲時,卵巢完全停止產卵。然而,更年期的實際開始年齡可能因女性而異。


  1. Radiation and chemotherapy- cancer therapies or ovary-related surgeries can also induce menopause shortly or during treatment. If the radiation is directed towards the ovaries during radiation therapy, it can affect the ovarian function resulting in menopause.



Why should you choose Pharmasoy as your menopausal supplement?

為什麼選擇 Pharmasoy 作為更年期健康食品?

 Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs adopt synthetic or artificial estrogens to combat menopausal symptoms. However, there are concerns that traditional HRT may cause life-threatening side effects, including the increased risk of blood clots in the legs and lungs, obesity, reproductive disorders, birth defects and even breast cancer.

傳統的激素替代療法 (HRT) 藥物採用合成或人工雌激素來對抗更年期症狀。 然而,人們擔心傳統的 HRT 可能會導致危及生命的副作用,包括增加腿部和肺部血栓、肥胖、生殖障礙、出生缺陷甚至乳腺癌的風險。

 Pharmasoy for Menopause

Pharmasoy provides menopausal women an alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Pharmasoy is a 100% natural, plant-based solution containing phytoestrogens that function similar to human estrogens.

Pharmasoy 為更年期婦女提供了一種替代合成激素替代療法的方法。 Pharmasoy 是一種 100% 天然植物性溶液,含有植物雌激素,其功能類似於人類雌激素。

Pharmasoy can mimic estrogen naturally occurring in the body to help restore the body’s hormonal balance.  Phytoestrogens are highly effective in reducing hot flashes, preventing bone loss, night sweats, insomnia and even restoring the skin's elasticity.

Pharmasoy 為更年期婦女提供了一種替代合成激素替代療法的方法。 Pharmasoy 是一種 100% 天然植物性溶液,含有植物雌激素,其功能類似於人類雌激素。 Pharmasoy 可以模擬體內天然存在的雌激素,以幫助恢復身體的荷爾蒙平衡。 植物雌激素在減少潮熱、防止骨質流失、盜汗、失眠甚至恢復皮膚彈性方面非常有效。


Here at Pharmasoy we understand that menopause can be challenging and the disruptions it can cause to your quality of life and to those around you.

在 Pharmasoy,我們了解更年期可能具有挑戰性,並且可能對您和您周圍的人的生活質量造成干擾。


Pharmasoy for Menopause

We are dedicated to finding ways to help you restore your peace so that you can live your best life.  To help you during this challenging time of your life, we wish to provide you with what is hopefully the best menopause relief supplements that are 100% natural with no side effects of traditional HRT.

我們致力於尋找幫助您恢復心態平靜的方法,讓您過上最好的生活。 為了在您生命中充滿挑戰的時期為您提供幫助,我們希望為您提供最好的更年期健康食品,它是 100% 天然所以沒有傳統HRT的副作用。

Pharmasoy is one of the best menopause relief supplements, that can help you out during this challenging time with no side effects and improve your general wellbeing.

Pharmasoy 是最好的更年期緩解補充劑之一,它可以幫助您度過這個充滿挑戰的時期,而且沒有副作用和能提升您全面的健康。



Disclaimer: Pharmasoy contains soy. Those allergic to soy must not take Pharmasoy. Pharmasoy works best with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Please consult your doctor.

免責聲明:Pharmasoy 含有大豆。 對大豆過敏者不得服用Pharmasoy。 Pharmasoy 最適合均衡飲食和定期鍛煉。 請諮詢您的醫生。


Consult your doctor - Pharmasoy for Menopause