如何應對更年期:有助於緩解更年期症狀的生活習慣How to Cope with Menopause: Life Habits That Can Help Ease Menopause Symptoms


How to Cope with Menopause: Life Habits That Can Help Ease Menopause Symptoms

在面對更年期時,採用自然療法的健康生活方式來緩解潮熱和盜汗等症狀可以很有益的。 在此,您會找到一些應對更年期的自然方法。 根據您身體的反應,某些方法可能比其他方法更有效。

When dealing with menopause, adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes natural remedies to get relief from symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats can be beneficial. Here you may find some natural remedies to cope with menopause. Some methods may be more effective than others depending on your body’s response.

我們將討論完全自然且具有成效的方法,這些方法可以幫助您控制更年期症狀並幫助您保持心靈冷靜和健康。 從練習管理壓力到服用良好的更年期健康食品,您可以以下三四種方法開始。 但是,請謹記與醫生討論以下的方法是否可以幫助您幫助您解決更年期問題。

In this article, we will discuss completely natural and cost-effective methods that can help you manage menopausal symptoms and help you stay calm and healthy. From practicing stress management to taking one of the best herbal tablets for menopause, here are three to four ways that you can start with. However, always remember to talk to your healthcare provider regarding the menopausal problems that you are experiencing and whether the solutions below can help you or not.

1. 定期運動並保持健康的體重和飲食

Exercise Regularly and Maintain a Healthy Weight and Diet

這聼下來是很普遍的健康建議,但實際上運動對更年期症狀有直接影響!美國一項研究17,473 名 50 至 79 歲的絕經婦女發現,體重指數 (BMI) 或體脂百分比高的女性比低 BMI 或體脂百分的女性, 更有機會患有嚴重的潮熱和盜汗等更年期血管舒縮症狀(如潮熱和盜汗)。

This might seem like general health advice, but actually exercise has a direct impact on menopause symptoms! A study conducted on 17,473 postmenopausal women in the US aged 50 to 79 discovered that women with a high body mass index (BMI) or high percentage body fat were reported to have much more severe menopausal vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats than those with lower BMI or percentage body fat.

然而,研究中也發現,減輕體重的女性也能減少潮熱和盜汗的程度。 定期運動,尤其是一些帶重量或阻力的訓練,可以幫助抵消骨質流失和骨質疏鬆症。 它還有助於釋放安多芬等快樂荷爾蒙,以幫助改善情緒。 將規律的鍛煉計劃納入您每周的時間表可以為您的更年期生活帶來奇蹟。 您可以找一項你喜歡的運動,或甚至跟YouTube 視頻來鍛煉身體。 一個簡單方法是嘗試科學的 7 分鐘鍛煉——你現在沒有藉口了吧!

Women in the study who shed weight, however, were more likely to see a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. Regular exercise, especially with some weight or resistance training, can also help counteract bone loss and osteoporosis. It also helps release happy hormones like endorphins to help with your mood. Incorporating a regular exercise routine into your week can do wonders for your menopause life. Find a sport that you enjoy, or simply find a YouTube video to exercise to. An easy way to start exercising is to commit to the scientific 7-minute workout – you have no excuse!

2. 多吃水果和蔬菜,減少脂肪攝入

Eat more Fruit and Vegetables, and Reduce Fat Intake


In the same study, women who lost weight by reducing fat intake and increasing fruit, vegetable and fibre intake reported reduced or eliminated hot flashes and night sweats.

在更年期期間,體重增加是一種非常常見的情況。 這可能是因爲激素產生有變化、生活方式、衰老和新陳代謝減慢。 更年期引起的情緒壓力也可能導致情緒化飲食,很容易攝入過多的卡路里或熱量。 體脂增加也會增加患心髒病和糖尿病等疾病的風險。 最關鍵是,您的體重可能會影響您的更年期症狀。

During your menopause, weight gain is a very common situation to deal with. It can be due to the constant change in hormone production, lifestyle, aging and a slower metabolism. The emotional stress caused by menopause can also lead to emotional eating or comfort eating where one consumes more calories than needed. Increased body fat raises the risk of getting illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, your body weight may have an impact on your menopause symptoms.

因此,您可以開始在你的飲食中多吃水果和蔬菜,並嘗試吃彩虹的所有顏色。 再加上每天鍛煉身體,您將保持身體健康。

So, start eating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and try to eat all colours of the rainbow. Coupled with exercising every day and you will keep yourself fit and healthy.

3. 消除觸發更年期的食物

Eliminate Trigger Foods

咖啡因、酒精和高糖或香料的食物都是潮熱、盜汗和情緒變化的常見觸發因素。 當你晚上吃它們時,它們可能更有可能引發你的觸發器。

Caffeine, alcohol, and foods high in sugar or spice are all common triggering agents for hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes. When you eat them at night, they may be significantly more likely to set off your triggers.

在筆記本中記下您出現症狀的日期和時間,以及您當天在哪個時候吃了哪些可能引發更年期症狀的食物。 而且,如果您發現某些食物會導致您的更年期症狀,就盡量減少此類食物的攝入量,或盡可能完全避免食用。

Keep a notebook to write down the date and time of when you experience your symptoms, and what foods you ate that may have triggered the menopausal symptom. And, if you find that certain foods are causing your menopause symptoms, try to minimize your intake of such foods or avoid them entirely if possible.


4. 服用更年期健康食品 Take Herbal Supplements for Menopause

您現在可以從可用來源中選擇最適合更年期的草藥片劑。 購買這些補充劑時您可以檢查的一些成分是:

You can now pick the best herbal tablet for menopause from the available sources. Some of the ingredients that you can check out for whenever purchasing these supplements are:

  • 大豆:Soy:
據專家介紹,大豆可以幫助緩解更年期症狀,包括潮熱。 這是因為大豆中含有異黃酮,具有類似於雌激素的生理活性。 與傳統的合成激素替代療法 (HRT) 相比,大豆的補充劑的優勢在於大豆是一種天然食品,可降低與 HRT 相關的癌症風險。
According to experts, soy can help relieve menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. It is because soy contains isoflavones has a physiologic activity similar to that of estrogen. The advantage of soy-based supplements over traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is that soy is a natural food, and reduces the risk of cancers associated with HRT.
  • 黑升麻 Black Cohosh:
 黑升麻是一種可以幫助減輕更年期症狀的草藥。 它可能在某些產品中起作用,例如酶療法,但對其他配方的研究表明結果喜憂參半。 由於它對荷爾蒙的影響,您只能在獲得醫生批准的情況下使用這種草藥補充劑。
Black cohosh is an herbal medicine that can help reduce menopausal symptoms. It may function in certain products like Enzymatic Therapy, but research on other formulations indicates mixed results. Due to its hormonal impact, you should only use this herbal supplement with your doctor's approval.
5. 管理您的壓力水平並練習自我保健
Manage Your Stress Level and Practice Self Care

將常規的“我”時間安排到您的日曆中。 當它寫在你的日曆上時,你會被提醒為自己留出不間斷的時間,不要讓其他義務妨礙你。 更年期在許多方面都可能在精神上具有挑戰性。 無論是 20 分鐘還是幾個小時,在“我的時間”里遠離電子設備,讓你的大腦休息和重置。 一些消磨時間的好方法是:

Schedule in regular “me” time into your calendar. When it’s written in your calendar, you’ll be reminded to set aside uninterrupted time for yourself and not let other obligations get in the way. Menopause can be mentally challenging in many ways. Whether it is 20 minutes or a few hours, stay away from electronic devices during “me time” and let your brain rest and reset. Some great ways to spend me time are:

1. 寫日記來消化你的想法和自我反省
    Write your diary to digest your thoughts and self-reflect

2. 冥想、做瑜伽、太極呼吸練習

   Meditate, do yoga, Taichi  and breathing exercises

3. 追求不涉及屏幕的積極愛好——閱讀、演奏樂器、解謎、繪畫、運動等。

Pursue active hobbies that do not involve screens- reading, playing musical instruments, solving a puzzle, painting, sports etc.

4. 進行自我愛護:洗個泡泡浴,聽聽舒緩的音樂

Practice self-care: Take a bubble bath and listen to soothing music

5. 去按摩

Get a massage

6. 去戶外散步或行山

Go for a walk or hike outdoors

7. 敷個面膜,一邊聽著舒緩的音樂,一邊休息 20 分鐘

Put on a relaxing facial mask and take a 20-minute power nap whilst listening to soothing music


Catch up on personal grooming: cut your nails, shave your armpits/legs, slather on moisturizer, get a hair cut

    以上所有的小提示都可以幫助您減輕更年期帶來的壓力,這對於減少更年期壓力引起的腦霧特別有幫助。 如果您難以集中註意力或記住日常任務,請密切注意您的壓力水平。 根據研究,即使是短期壓力也會對學習和記憶產生負面影響,也會對更年期的生活質量產生不利影響。

    All of the above tips can help you reduce stress during menopause, which is particularly helpful in reducing brain fog caused by stress during menopause. Pay close attention to your stress level if you have difficulty concentrating or remembering everyday tasks. Even short-term stress, according to research, can have a negative influence on learning and memory, which can adversely affect your quality of life during menopause.

    Workload, parenting, separation, illness, and caring for aged parents can make the menopause journey difficult. Thus, ensure to practice self-care and manage your stress to survive through the menopausal period.